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Province of Herrera

Herrera is a province of Panama and its capital is the city of Chitré.

Herrera is well known for its agriculture, grain cultivation, cattle breeding and sugar cane. Its popular drink is called "Dry Herrerano" made of sugar cane.

In the city of Chitré is very visited the Herrera Museum and the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. The Santo Domingo Church and Colonia Plaza are also well known in Parita. In August the traditional celebration of Manito Ocueño takes place, with native dances and beautiful costumes in the city of Ocú.

Chitré also owns one of the country's best known carnivals for its great party. The region also owns the Sarigua National Park with a desert ecosystem in the vicinity of Parita, on the Pacific coast.

- The sand of Chitré
- Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
- Herrera Museum
- National Park of Sarigua
- Park Union of Chitré