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Province of Veraguas

The province of Veraguas limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea and to the south with the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is the city of Santiago de Veraguas.

Veraguas is very attractive for its coasts, beaches and islands. Its capital is a transit point for travelers heading to Chiriquí and also has as its attraction the National Museum of Veraguas, which is located near Juan Demostenes Arosemena.

In the province is Coiba Island which is the largest island of America in the Pacific Ocean and also the largest island of Panama. For sportsmen and eco-tourists the province has a lot to offer, Various national parks invite visitors to explore them. The district of Soná is home for surfers and fishermen, mainly on Santa Catalina beach.
- Coiba National Park
- Cerro Hoya National Park
- Playa Santa Catalina
- The Yeguada Volcano